Anonymous: do you dye your hair or is it natural, & if so, what do you use? :-) xo 

I used to be as it is now, but at the age of 13 it began to get darker. It’s naturally dark blonde now, but I obviously dye it x

Anonymous: Ah sorry my mistake x I meant Saturday :) Do you have any pictures you yourself and them hehe? 

Don’t know, we’ll see… yeah, I have some from yesterday hehe x

Anonymous: do you hope to meet the lads tomorrow? x :) 

Why tomorrow? They’re gonna play in Amsterdam on Saturday not Friday though I’m already gonna be there tomorrow x

Anonymous: Hows Pete? 

Poor little Pete was so fricking tired yesterday… felt really sorry for him, they’re just so busy

Anonymous: how where you hanging out before the gig,? like did the lads come out to yous?? 

No, you got me wrong. I was hanging out with my friends from Germany, but yeah, I talked to the lads before and after the gig

Anonymous: aw well im glad you enjoyed it :) 


Anonymous: did you get back stage last night at The Strypes gig in Cologne? 

Ahha I didn’t even try to, I wad there with like 12 friends and we were all hanging around before the gig which was so good cos I haven’t seen them for such a long time!

Anonymous: are you suki waterhouse's twin? 

Yeah, definitely. I’m just 5 years younger haha

Anonymous: do you reckon that pete has lost his phone? 

I don’t know… think I saw him with his phone yesterday

Anonymous: How was The Strypes gig yesterday? did you get to meet the lads? 

It was reeeeally good and great to see the lads again! Yeahyeah, I did


do you ever just look at pretty fans and think “for fuck sake”

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Anonymous: I was stalking your Instagram (sorry) and I just thought id tell you that your clothes are amazing. I want your wardrobe :) 

Hehe thanks so much! :)

Anonymous: awww you're lucky hehe ;-) 

well, sometimes yeah hehe