Anonymous: do you think Pete likes you? 

At least I know he doesnt’ hate me cos that’s what he said to me haha

Anonymous: Quite ironic how you take the piss out of people whose English isn't exactly right, when your own often leaves plenty to be desired. 

You’re even right, it is ironic, but do you know what? I don’t care at aaaaall ahahhahhaa

Anonymous: Is there racism in Germany? i know that there's racism everywhere in the world but I just wanted your opinion,your thoughts about it... So is there racism in germany and/or in your city? 

Racism also excists here just like in almost every other country

Anonymous: You likes to talk with people. This makes the your ears, a dangerous place to whisper secrets. 

yeah I sooo likes to talk with people

Anonymous: you can give me today the present of other annon and your eternal love ? 


my anaconda don’t want none unless you’re in a band hun

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Anonymous: Are you planning anymore trips? 

Yeah, I’m gonna be in Manc, Sheffield and Newcastle in November and maybe in Ireland in December


Once you stop explaining yourself to others, your life will become 300% better

been so busy, didn’t have any time for tumblr