Anonymous: What did they say in the shoutout? 

Josh just said something like the next one’s especially for Miriam or so 

"Heart Of The City" recorded in Cologne on the 16/04/14 for the legendary Rockpalast. The whole gig will be on the telly on the 5th of May. You can see me and my friends jumping around in the front. Enjoy.

I have to admit I sent Josh a snap on snapchat of that post about his facial expressions while playing and he was slightly shocked… I hope the lads will never come across the stuff on tumblr cos there are even worse things on here haha (note to self: don’t send him anything from here again)

Anonymous: why are you thinking about deleting your tumblr? 

ummm I feel like this isn’t the right place for me anymore. Things are changing

basementbobcat: Psssst. Hello, beautiful person. Once you get this you must share five random facts about yourself and then pass this on to your ten favourite followers. 

1. My favourite drink is Gin and Tonic

2. I want to study Music Business at BIMM in Manchester

3.  Saw Jake Bugg 6 times

4. I have to go back to school again next week ugh

5. I’m going to Bingley music festival this year


Anonymous: Which members of the strypes do you text? Not kinda or on social network or that, actually text? 

Nah, I only use social networks for that or email

delightful-y: Psssst. Hello, beautiful person. Once you get this you must share five random facts about yourself and then pass this on to your ten favourite followers. <3 

I associate The Simpsons with my childhood, I went to my first gig in December 2008, I’m thinking about deleting my tumblr, I’m the shortest person in class and I used to play volleyball (I still love it)! x

Anonymous: Does pete ever text you? :) (Sorry for being nosey) x 

Nope, we’re not texting, but I do with others of them sometimes. He kinda doesn’t seem like one of those people who’s texting loads and is on every social networking site ha x

Anonymous: Excuse my asking...but how do you manage to get backstage at all these gigs, specifically Strypes? (your blog is perfect, by the way) 

Thanks. Well, the thing with The Strypes is that there’s this group of girls consisting of me and a few other girls who all have already seen the lads a couple of times before we went to the Hometown Gigs in Cavan last December where most of us got a backstage pass so we had the chance to get to know the lads a little better. Moreover, most of us have somehow something to do with music anyway like I play music (if you can count that haha), one writes for several music blogs and has her own blog and another organizes gigs sometimes. So, since Cavan we basically always got “backstage” (it sounds like something super exciting and cool, but it isn’t so magical as some might think ha) at the gigs we went to so we’re getting to know them quite well with the time as most of us went to the UK tour and the Ireland shows/European tour. The funny thing is they’re also always quite well informed about who’s coming to which gigs and stuff ha

The Strypes supporting Arctic Monkeys on their German shows in June!! WHO’S WITH MEEE?